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Recreational vehicles - RV holiday rental

Choose the right Motorhome for your touring holiday.

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International Motorhome Hire in association with SDSA Promotions are here to help you find the right motorhome for your next rental in many locations around the world. Have a holiday-on-wheels and escape in a motorhome or recreational vehicle 'RV'. There is a vast variety of motorhomes, RV's, campers, caravans and caravanettes available for rental. Look and see what is on offer in the specific country that you wish to drive in. Each class of motorhome vary in numerous ways, by selecting a country above, you will be guided through the selection of ampers available for hire in each country and at each rental location.

In America, USA RV rental depots are at: Albuquerque, Bellingham (Vancouver/Seattle), Dallas, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Gresham (Portland), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and RV models include: Ford/Chevy chassis C22, C25, C28, CS31 and Ford Chevy AS34.

In Sweden, the rental depot is in Stockholm and the motorhome models for hire are:
Chausson W95 motorhome which will sleep 2 adults and 1 child
The Solifer 544 motorhome which accommodates 5 adults to sleep
The Solifer 524 motorhome which will sleep 6 adults.
The Chausson W26 RV which will sleep 7 adults.

In Spain the rental main RV rental depots are: Barcelona, Madrid & Malaga. One way motorhome rentals are free between these depots, there is a surcharge for return to all other Spanish rental depots. On request Spanish motorhome rental depots include: Alicante, Almeria, Bilbao, Gerona, Pamplona, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santiago De Compostela, Tarragona, Valencia & Vigo. No one way RV rentals are possible from these Spanish rental depots.
Motorhome Group B will seat 3 comfortably but will sleep only 2 adults and 1 child.
The Group B RV will seat 4 comfortably and will sleep 4 adults in 2 double beds.
The Group D will seat 5 comfortably and will sleep 5 adults in 2 double beds and one single bed.
Motorhome Group E will seat 6 comfortably and will sleep 6 adults in 2 double beds and 2 single beds.
RV Group F will seat 6 comfortably and will sleep 6 adults in 3 double beds.
Group G will seat 7 comfortably and will sleep 7 adults in 2 double beds and 3 single beds.
Group H will seat 7 comfortably and will sleep 7 adults in 2 double beds and 3 single beds.

In South Africa, rental offices are at: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Windhoek (Namibia) and Harare (Zimbabwe).
Spirit 2 Toyota Hi-Ace 2.6 L is a spirited little motorhome.
Spirit 3 Based on a Toyota chassis, this dependable 3-berth motorhome sleeps three in absolute comfort.
Spirit 5 Based on the Hyundai or Nissan chassis, this 5-berth motorhome features two spacious double beds and one single bed.
Spirit 5 lux - Top of the Maui motorhome range is the luxurious Spirit 5 Lux based on a powerful 2,9 L diesel Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
Adventurer 4wd - The Adventurer is based on a single cab Toyota Hilux chassis. This vehicle has a full compliment of camping equipment.
Bushcamper 4wd - Top of the Britz range is a 4,2 L Bushcamper, based on a Toyota Land Cruiser, the ultimate go anywhere, do anything vehicle.
Freelander 4WD vehicle is based on the Land Rover Freelander 2,0L Turbo Diesel. Features include a 40L Engel freezer, 30 Litre water tank, and long-range 90 Litre fuel tank.
Nomad 4wd is the Land Rover Td 5. This 2.5l diesel vehicle carries 4 adults in spacious comfort The Nomad 4WD has been converted into a complete off-road camper.
Safari 2.7 L Toyota Hilux Double Cab is built for tough off-road driving, yet retains a high level of comfort and practicality. There is ample space for four adults.
Voyager 4 wheel drive motor vehicle is constructed on the reliable and powerful 2.7 L 5-speed Toyota Hilux Double-Cab chassis. The Voyager carries 4 adults in luxurious comfort with air-conditioning.

In Norway, the RV rental depot is in Oslo. Motor homes for rent include: The Chausson W95 will sleep 2 adults and 1 child The Solifer 544 motorhome which will sleep 5 adults, the Solifer RV 524 which accommodates 6 adults and the Chausson W26 recreational vehicle will sleep 7 adults.

New Zealand motorhome pick up points are at Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown The motor vehicles available for renting are: United 2 Berth Hitop Campervan Toyota Hiace van with raised fibreglass roof
United 3 Berth Hitop Campervan
United 2 Berth shower and toilet motorhome, the 4 Berth shower and toilet motor home and the United 6 Berth shower and toilet motorhome.
A range of Campervans called the Econocampers forming the budget range - these camper vehicles are 3 years and older, they are very well maintained and rigerously service checked, but the prices can be kept lower due to the age of the autos. The budget range ofrental economy motor vehicles (Econocampers) include motorhomes from 2 to 4 birth:
Econocampers 2 Berth Hitop Campervan, Budget Range
Econocampers 3 Berth Hitop Campervan, Budget Range
Econocampers 2 Berth Shower & Toilet Motorhome, Budget Range
ECONOCAMPERS 4 Berth Shower & Toilet Motorhome, Budget Range

Large choice of camping vehicles - well laid out and exceptional details. Motorhome and Campervans and RV's - different sizes and pick up available all over the world.
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